What You'll Learn:

how to treat common infections, at-home, such as: RSV, Croup, Flu, Common Colds, Ear Infection, Strep Throat, Hand Foot & Mouth and more!

how to differentiate between and treat common symptoms such as cough, sore throat and the dreaded FEVER

first aid remedies & triage instructions - avoiding the need for unnecessary hospital or doctor visits (& knowing when to go!)

how to hone that powerful mama intuition - and how to separate that from fear

how to avoid panic googling and instead lean into your own knowledge and confidence - avoiding unnecessary anxiety, worry & worst-case scenario-ing.

the skills to be able to learn from your kids' immune responses and become the expert in their health.

...and so much more.

Sample Clip - Common Ailments

Taken from Module 2 of the course, we explore the signs and symptoms of the common virus, RSV, discussing signs and symptoms as well as risk factors and public health data.

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